InterVarsity ministers in 2009-2010 school year

By October 20, 2009

USA (MNN) — It may be hard to believe, but students in
colleges and universities across the United States are almost half way into
their semesters.

As the school year moves along, InterVarsity Christian
is ensuring students have opportunities to hear about Christ. This
year they are trying to reach out to even more of the millions of students on
campuses who are lost and searching.

"We've discovered on college campuses today that there are a
lot of unchurched college students who have never been to church, who've never
been to Sunday school. And they know nothing about who Jesus is," said Jim
Lundgren with InterVarsity.

Last school year was one of their most successful years of
ministry yet, as they saw more individuals come to Christ than any year other
than 1982. With the number of searching students increasing, InterVarsity
hit the ground running, said Lundgren.

One of the main programs InterVarsity introduced this year is "proxy
stations." These include the Hands Project, the Body Project and a personality

Lundgren said these booths were set up in high-traffic areas
on campuses across the country: "These stations are designed to create lots
of conversation to draw people in."

The Hands Project encouraged students to write on their
hands what was most important in their life. Then, they took a Polaroid picture
of their hand and added it to the display. InterVarsity students and staff could
then ask these students if they wanted to know what mattered most in their
lives, and sometimes they were given the opportunity to share about Jesus.

The Body Project and personality segment were similar to
each other, in that they encouraged students to pick a body part or personality
trait they would like to change. Workers could then share Who is capable of
bringing about change in one's life.

In addition to these proxy stations, InterVarsity holds
Groups Investigating God (GIGs). These groups are for people interested in
learning more about who Jesus is in a four-five week Bible study, for those who might
not yet be ready to give their lives to Christ.

Already, Lundgren
said he has heard several stories of students and staff wanting to know more
about Christ and what He can do for people.

He shared one example of a student in St. Louis who came up
to a Hands Project. When the worker asked him what was most important in his
life, he responded with "Jesus" but said that He had not been following Him for
quite some time.

Lundgren said searching students are not the only ones being
affected; even students already following Christ and involved with
InterVarsity are being impacted.

"As people get out there and share their faith, and they see
that people are interested and they have great conversations, this makes them
more excited about their own faith," he said.

As InterVarsity ministers to these students in the midst of
the school year, Lundgren asks you to pray. Pray for students all across the United
States who may be feeling lonely, that they will reach out for hope. Pray also for
those involved in InterVarsity to be bold in their ministry to these lonely and
searching individuals.

Also, pray against the effectiveness of other groups,
whether atheist or other religions.

To learn how you can become involved with InterVarsity
on your campus or a campus nearby, click here.

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