Introducing abortion alternatives in China

By November 13, 2015
(Photo courtesy LIFE International)

(Photo courtesy LIFE International)

China (MNN) — In China, “disposable babies” are commonplace.

Between 1971 and 2013, 330 million abortions were performed, and nearly 200 million Chinese men and women were forcibly sterilized.

Approximately 13 million abortions are performed in China every year, as reported by China’s government.

A long list of statistics compiled by All Girls Allowed further underscores the trend.

In this context, few Chinese citizens would be offended if 16-year-old “Jiao” had an abortion–even though she was 36-weeks pregnant. After all, Jiao just lost her job and her boyfriend; what other option did she have?

To Jiao, abortion seemed like an acceptable, even responsible, course of action…until she connected with Phoebe.

“When Phoebe and her friend came to visit [Jiao], and she learned the truth about the baby growing inside of her, when she heard the Truth about the love of Jesus Christ,” shares LIFE International’s Melinda Delahoyde, “She chose life for her baby and she chose Jesus for herself.”

Choosing life

Jiao’s choice didn’t come without challenges. But the local body of Christ Phoebe belongs to is helping Jiao overcome them.

(Photo courtesy LIFE International)

(Photo courtesy LIFE International)

According to LIFE International, the Chinese faith community surrounded Jiao with support. From offering her a place to live, to helping her find a job, believers are walking alongside Jiao as she grows in Christ and finds her place in society.

“I can really see God moving in His people’s hearts,” Phoebe told LIFE International.

“There are more and more of God’s people rising up to offer help…not only in their prayers…but in their actions…. It’s such a big encouragement!”

In recent weeks, Jiao gave birth to a healthy baby boy, whom she placed by adoption with a loving Christian family.

Please pray for Jiao as she grows in her faith. Pray that she finds stable employment and is able to support herself. Pray Jiao’s baby grows to know the Lord as Savior.

Offering abortion alternatives

(Photo courtesy LIFE International)

(Photo courtesy LIFE International)

LIFE International trains and equips church leaders worldwide to save lives and heal hearts. They met and trained Phoebe earlier this year.

In China and elsewhere, “We look at the devaluation [of life] and we contrast that with God’s view: that every life has value,” Delahoyde explains.

“God brings His Truth about life, and when we bring that Truth, we see Him work in the hearts and lives of women around the world.”

You can join their efforts in three ways: praying, sowing, and going.

“Every prayer and every gift helps save a life around the world.”

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