Invest a dollar to change a child’s life forever

By April 16, 2019

India (MNN) — Many churches in the U.S. are planning their Vacation Bible School summer outreach.  If you’ve ever been involved in VBS, you know how much spiritual impact it can have.  According to The Barna Group, nearly half of all commitments to follow Jesus Christ are made before the age of 13.

Mission India’s 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs are kind of like VBS for kids in India. This month, Mission India has a matching grant that will double every dollar given to its 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Normally, $1 sends one child to a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club. However, between now and April 30, $1 will give two kids a 10-Day Bible Club experience.

It’s not often you can make an eternal difference with just $1.  Erik* with Mission India says these 10-Day Children’s Bible Clubs are often the first place these boys and girls get to meet Jesus.

“In these VBS-like settings, they learn how to worship and pray and get to hear all about the love of Jesus and how Jesus comforts them and wants to live with them and be a part of their lives.”

Mission India’s Bible Clubs also provide a safe space for the kids to just be kids and feel loved. Erik explains many of them come from broken homes.

“They come from abusive families and families that are involved in addiction and have financial issues — just a lot of mess. So, for 10 days these kids can come and hear about hope and hear about grace and hear about love that is never-ending.

“It’s a powerful two weeks and the Gospel is just surrounding and immersing within these kids.”

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Once a child attends a 10-Day Children’s Bible Club, he or she will often transition into one of Mission India’s Year-Long Children’s Bible Clubs which meet every day after school.

It’s a unique opportunity to spiritually pour into a child long-term, and the impact doesn’t stop there.

“Oftentimes, we see these kids actually be catalysts for total transformation within their families. I’ve read countless stories and shared countless stories before of how one child goes to a 10-Day Bible Club or a Year-Long Bible Club and he or she goes back to their family and shares the hope of Jesus with their family and their family accepts Jesus!”

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Erik says, “Our prayer is that these kids would come to the safe place that we provide, that they would hear the message of Jesus, and they would come to know their Lord and Savior. [Pray] also that they would take that back to their homes and communities and be catalysts of change and of hope and of grace.”



Header photo courtesy of Mission India.

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