Iran accelerates nuclear development

By December 11, 2020

Iran (MNN) — Iran is laying the groundwork for advanced nuclear development. Satellite pictures show efforts to move the critical Natanz nuclear facility underground, which would protect the site from aerial attacks.

Iran’s intentions are quite clear following the assassination of top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. “Iran is telegraphing its plans, and there are messages being sent to the incoming U.S. administration,” one Jerusalem Post analyst concludes.

Lawmakers approved a bill last week that stops UN inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“Iran’s parliamentary approval is a well-calculated defiant gesture to the European countries that either they ease sanctions or Iran would boost its uranium enrichment,” Heart4Iran’s Mike Ansari says.

“Iranian authorities are also testing the resolve of the new Biden administration to provide relief from sanctions and restore its access to the international banking system.”

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Iran pursues nukes at the cost of its people

Social media posts from across Iran indicate a very vocal anti-government sentiment filled with distrust and disdain for the Islamic elite.
(Photo by cottonbro from Pexels)

The U.S. withdrew from a 2015 nuclear deal under the Trump administration. The withdrawal, along with U.S. sanctions, crippled Iran’s economy. Under President-elect Joe Biden, the U.S. would re-enter the 2015 agreement and lift sanctions on Iran.

Ansari says easing economic pressure won’t help the Iranian people.

“Iran needs fundamental economic reform, and yet many Iranians have lost faith in their government. Most agree that economic reform would not favor the Iranian people – it would benefit a few and be used to further advance the regional goal of the Islamic Republic,” he explains.

“The result of releasing pressure on Iran could have a devastating long-term ripple effect across the entire Middle East.”

As described here, mainstream news reports and government leaders do not accurately represent the country and its people. “Social media posts from across Iran indicate a very vocal anti-government sentiment filled with distrust and disdain for the Islamic elite, which has looted and bankrupted Iran’s wealth,” Ansari says.

The Iranian people need help and hope – things they won’t find in their leaders or politics. Send the hope of Christ to Iran here.

“It doesn’t appear that democracy is achievable under the current political and social structure. Ultimately, the Iranian people remain as the victim of the Islamic regime, so please pray for God’s mercy and grace over Iran and its people,” Ansari requests.



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