Iran clamping down on Christians, as many turn away from radical Islam

By December 12, 2005

Iran (MNN) — Two weeks ago a Turk in Iran was killed for sharing his faith. Arrests have been made for holding house church meetings. There appears to be a battle for the hearts of the people of Iran.

American Evangelist Sammy Tippit beam Christian television programming into Iran via satellite. He says, “The new president is very hard core and has been cracking down on the Christians because so many people are becoming Christians. The present regime is very anxious and very nervous about what is taking place there.”

Tippit’s television program is having an impact on the growth of these new believers. “It’s too dangerous for them to go to an official church, so they’re meeting in homes and gathering together and watching the television broadcast and using that as their worship service as their teaching.” That’s why Tippit is trying to get discipleship materials into Iran through their broadcast.

Tippit says it appears the government may be causing this. “All of these rules and regulations that are being placed upon them are turning them off to Islam. They’re saying, ‘there’s got to be something else.’ So, when the Gospel’s presented, there a great, great hunger.”

Tippit says 60-percent of Iranians own satellite television, so the audience potential is quite large. He says their website is also being used as a distribution point. “We’re having literally hundreds of people from inside Iran, come to our website, and download those broadcasts.”

Tippit says prayer is needed for these Christians. He can only imagine what God is going to do through this oppression. “Persecution always causes the church to grow. When threats begin to come against Christians, those who are in leadership are pressed into a corner where they have to raise up other leaders. So, what happens is you have a multiplication of leadership.”

Funding is needed for to help purchase airtime and discipleship materials.

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