Iran crackdown kills, injures kids as young as two years old

By November 9, 2022

Iran (MNN) — Security forces in Iran fired on protestors from rooftops during the latest crackdown, killing 10.

Eight-year-old Sobhan Naroee.
(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

The victims include children, Amnesty International reports. Security forces have killed more than 27 children since the uprising began in September.

Heart4Iran’s Jennifer Rost launched a live weekly TV show on Mohabat TV, addressing the struggles women and children are facing in Iran. “Kids are joining the voices of their mothers and sisters in protest of the oppressive regime,” Rost says.

“The children are caught in the crossfire or directly targeted by the Iranian police force.”

The Iranian regime shows no age discretion when choosing its victims.

Security forces in Mashhad shot 16-year-old Abolfzl Adeneh Zadeh 24 times in the stomach. In Zahedan, police shot eight-year-old Sobhan Naroee. A “supposedly non-lethal projectile” injured a two-year-old in a separate incident, Rost says.

“Innocent kids are being killed – whether in the street or by a morality court, the government forces are killing minors,” she continues.

“This regime seemingly will do anything to hold on to power regardless of the physical or moral cost.”

Minors languish behind bars, too. Fifteen-year-old Asal Nahe is one of many underage kids detained for more than 40 days.

Fifteen-year-old Asal Nahe is one of many underage kids detained in Iran for more than 40 days. No one knows if she is dead or alive.
(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

“She is believed to be held in the central jail in Tabreeze, but no one has confirmed whether she is still alive or dead. The authorities are unresponsive to families of protestors or those who may have been caught in a crowd,” Rost says.

Only the Lord can change a situation this hopeless. “Pray the Holy Spirit will reveal Himself to everyone in Iran – to change hearts, minds, attitudes, and behavior,” Rost requests.

“Our hope is that none would be lost. We pray for the salvation of those in Iran and a revival within the culture.”

Help Heart4Iran reach Iran for Christ here.

“Heart4Iran began producing Superbook Virtual Sunday school programs in December 2021. We have grown our content to support children and parents struggling with family life problems,” Rost says.

“Additionally, we have been working to create small classes of four to five kids through Zoom to disciple and mentor them face-to-face. The challenge is Internet access has been severely limited in Iran over the past two months. However, there are signs of help in restoring connections in-country through Elon Musk’s Starlink system.”



Header image depicts Iranian girls supporting the protest movement at school.  (Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)