Beyond a nuclear power: Iran’s potential impact on the world

By March 18, 2024
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Iran (MNN) — Iran may be a rising nuclear threat, but the global Church also needs to recognize the nation’s tremendous potential to advance the gospel in the Middle East. 

Iran (is) at the verge of a historical point where they can have a positive impact in the world, or very negative, and maybe both at the same time,” says Dr. Hormoz Shariat with Iran Alive. 

He says Iran is not shy about its development of nuclear weapons, but at the same time, an amazing thing is happening as Iranians turn away from Islam and open to the gospel.

“The Iranian believers, (when) they come to Christ, they naturally develop a love for God, a love for people and — are you ready to hear that? — a love for nations! Can you believe it?” Shariat says.

“They say ‘We have a heart for Arabs, we have a heart for Hindus, we have a heart for the Jews. I want to go to Jerusalem and share the gospel with the Jews.’ That’s a God-given desire growing in the hearts of persecuted Iranian Christians.”

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Photo courtesy of Lara Jameson via Pexels.

Pray not just for God to reveal Himself to Iranians through the ministries of Iran Alive, but also pray for the Church in the West to invest in this movement of God.

“The Church in the West has so much to offer in terms of spiritual experience, church experience, ministry experience, resources, both biblical resources and financial resources. Pray for the Church in the West to wake up and see what God is doing around the world so they can join God,” Shariat says. 

“God is making history in many nations in the world, and Iran as a nation will be the first Islamic nation that turns to Christ.” 



Header photo is a representative stock photo courtesy of Mhrezaa/Unsplash. 

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