Iran negotiations mean little to Christians

By April 10, 2012

Iran (MNN) — With talks on Iran's nuclear intentions scheduled soon, the international community is hopeful something can be ironed out to avoid conflict. Many suggest, however, that this is just another ploy by Iran to delay more sanctions as well as possible pre-emptive strikes by Israel.

This doesn't mean the government is becoming more open to dialogue about religious freedom issue, though.

American Evangelist Sammy Tippit, who's considered an enemy of the state, beams Christian programming into the country via satellite television. Tippit says his programming in Iran is important because Iran has cracked down on Christians. "People can watch in the privacy of their own homes and they can be fed, strengthened, and encouraged because sometimes they're not so sure if it's safe to meet with other believers."

Sammy Tippit Ministries co-sponsors Heart Cry for Revival at the Cove in the United States. "We've been translating those messages that have been brought by some of the finest speakers in America on renewal and personal revival. These Christians who are suffering — these messages will help these believers, will renew them and will encourage them."

The TV broadcasts are going after specific people. "We're targeting two groups, and they're basically the same group, but youth and those who are suffering for their faith and we're finding it's really beneficial. We're getting lots of testimonies."

Tippet says his television broadcasts needs support. "The broadcasts going into Iran costs us about $2,000 a month, total — that's production, air-time, [and] everything. Anybody wanting to donate to that can go to our Web site" —

As you support Tippit's work, you're having an impact on someone's eternity. "There is a spiritual battle going on over Iran right now. It's not just a political battle that's taking place: there's a spiritual battle that's transpiring in the country. We would appreciate prayer for Iran and for the church in Iran, and for what God is doing there."

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