Iran next revolution? Some think so

By February 16, 2011

Iran (MNN) — Iranian lawmakers are calling for the death of opposition leaders in that nation, following a mass demonstration this week in support of Egypt's successful revolution. According to reports, authorities responded quickly and with force. Many were beaten and arrested. It was the first demonstration since the "Green Party" protested presidential elections in December 2009.

Evangelist Sammy Tippit works with the Iranian church. He says he's not surprised by the unrest. "I fully anticipated that this would happen because there is a such a deep longing in the hearts of the Iranian people for freedom."

That desire for freedom has been brought on by years of hard-line Islamic rule. Tippit says the Ayatollah Khomeini was positive for evangelism. "He showed the people what Islam really is, and the people have rejected it. I remember going into Iran for the first time, and people would walk by some of the clerics and they would literally spit on the ground because they so despised them. People have been turned off in multitudes. "

Tippit says people are turning to Christ in miraculous ways in Iran. "In Iran, God is just coming and visiting people in dreams and visions. I mean, every week this is happening. We're hearing more and more people who are having this take place in their lives and are becoming believers, followers of Jesus."

The latest person who had contacted him to let him know she came to Christ had no connection to Christians.

Tippit says, "There is a spiritual dimension that is growing out of a hunger in people's hearts to know who God really is, and it's just something that's very, very unique."

It's not a revival. Rather, "This is a general awakening in the secular community," says Tippit. "God is awakening hearts to who Christ is, and people are believing in Him, and it's happening in an unusual manner."

Tippit has been deemed an enemy of the state because of his work in Iran. Unfortunately, because of security issues, he can't tell us what he's doing there, but he needs your support. "When you talk about Iran and ministering inside Iran, we'd better pray. This is not by the power of the human flesh this is going to be done; this is going to be done in the power of the Holy Spirit."

Tippit says if revolution takes place, he expects a great wave of people turning to Christ.

He says financial support is also needed to help new believers and future outreach. Click here to support their work in Iran and other parts around the world.

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