Iran, Pakistan foreign ministers meet to repair security breach

By January 29, 2024

Pakistan (MNN) — Iran’s foreign minister and his Pakistani counterpart are meeting today to repair diplomatic ties. Iran’s January 18 missile strike in western Pakistan – and how it could’ve been avoided – tops the agenda.

“There’s always been a ‘situation’ between Pakistan and Iran for the last few years,” FMI’s Nehemiah says. “But that (the January 18 strike) was the very, very first time when Iran violated Pakistan’s airspace.”

Although Pakistan presents a strong front to neighboring Iran, it may lack the capacity for a prolonged conflict.

“Pakistan is fighting on all the borders – India, Afghanistan – now this is a third force that is fighting against Pakistan.”

Tensions have simmered – for now. However, experts say Iran’s January 18 strikes have altered the long-term security outlook for Pakistan. Tighter border controls could be problematic for Gospel workers.

“I can see the challenges that minorities and especially FMI partners are going to face in terms of traveling to Iran, and the people coming back from Iran to Pakistan,” Nehemiah says.

Now that you know, what will you do? “Pray for the church to be an instrument of peace in the areas of conflict, especially in Baluchistan, where these terrorist groups are,” Nehemiah says.

“Pray for leaders from both countries to prioritize peace over aggression. Pray for the message of the Gospel to break barriers and heal divisions in both countries,” he adds.

Finally, “please pray for FMI partners who are serving on the ground in this very, very difficult situation.”



Header image is a representative stock photo courtesy of Lara Jameson/Pexels.

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