Iran sanctions could challenge ministry

By October 29, 2007

Iran (MNN) — Life in Iran is difficult. New sanctions against Iran will make the situation even worse. That's why the message of SAT-7 PARS is so important. SAT-7 is Christian satellite television for the Middle East and North Africa.

SAT-7's David Harder says young people are searching for hope. He says they're already concerned about the economy and their future. "More sanctions for them will just mean one more thing that makes the future outlook more difficult, so many people are spiritually searching. They're wondering, and they're not finding answers. And they're using their satellite dishes to get information that they couldn't get any other way."

According to Harder, satellite television even more than the internet is better at helping them get that information. "Internet windows are often shut down by the government. Satellite television is actually technically illegal, but so many people have it the government can't do hardly anything about it except make examples of people once in a while by issuing fines. So people continue to set them up. So, SAT-7 can bring the hope of the Gospel right into their own homes even in their living rooms."

While the current president isn't very popular with any segment of the population, Harder says he's concerned about the sanctions. "Unfortunately with more sanctions, sometimes that drives people to go back and support the regime they otherwise wouldn't out of a national pride. Hopefully more people won't go that direction, and people who are searching will tune into SAT-7 Pars and receive spiritual nourishment and answers."

Young people need answers. He says drug use and suicide rates are high in Iran. Harder is asking people to pray. "Pray that the youth who are searching will find their answers in Christ and they'll find SAT-7 Pars. Also pray for the people who are making the shows that they would have wisdom from the Lord to make shows that would really reach people's hearts."

Meanwhile, prayer is also needed to help recruit enough people to help with the programming and for funding. Funding is needed to help keep this programming on the air.

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