Iranian Christian woman continued ministry in prison

By November 30, 2023

Iran (MNN) — An Iranian woman has an incredible testimony of God’s faithfulness in persecution. Bita Rezaei recently shared her story on SAT-7 PARS program New Identity.

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7 PARS)

While living in Iran, Bita sensed God leading her to work with women and children in need.

Joe Willey with SAT-7 says, “She believed she was called to start her own organization and she called it House of Kindness. This was an organization that helped children who were having physical and psychological problems. So she did this — and she had said in her own words — ‘with God’s miraculous power’ for 13 years.”

Suddenly, her home was raided in the night. Bita and her son were dragged out of bed and she was taken to prison. Police also seized control of the children’s center.

“She was questioned and she was accused, not because of what she had done to help people. She was accused because of her Christian faith. So it was the motive of helping people,” says Willey.

Bita was in prison for a year, separated from her son and the families she had served, suffering frustration and abuse. She was even pushed down a flight of stairs while blindfolded and sustained a significant back injury.

(Photo courtesy of SAT-7)

Yet, Bita’s faithful ministry was not over.

Willey says, “While she was in prison, she was working again as God had called her to help people. She was working in the wing of the prison with mothers and children that were under three-years-old. So God did not remove her from that mission with which he called her.”

After a year, Bita was suddenly and unexpectedly released! Today, she and her son live in Germany, and her story is a profound example of God’s sustaining power and missional calling.

“Her advice to Christian women who are suffering persecution: ‘Firstly, we can’t know everything. There’s no point in asking why because the whys become a mire in which we might drown. Secondly, we should trust the Lord. It is in hard situations that trusting God has meaning.’”

SAT-7 PARS supports persecuted Iranian Christians like Bita with biblical satellite television programming and social media outreach.

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Header photo courtesy of Ye Jinghan/Unsplash.

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