Iranian Christians join Bible reading plan

By October 18, 2021

Iran (MNN) — Iranians all around the world have joined a Bible reading plan together. It is organized by the Iranian Bible Society in Diaspora.

A Christian worker named Nahid says it’s a great way for these Christians to connect with each other. It’s important for them to know they are not alone. “If they think they are alone, they get depressed. I’m not just by myself when I know somebody else is in this pain with me. It’s healing. When they are reading Bibles together, they know there is another one. There is another sister or brother reading this, and they are together, they are not alone.”

The Bible reading plan has been especially helpful during the pandemic, Nahid says. “David sings, ‘I have a victory in God, God is with me,’ they know that, during this COVID-19 season, and during all these other challenges. They have the government chasing them to arrest them because they are Christians. God is with them as God was with David when Saul was chasing him.”

Struggles of Iranian Christians

These Iranian Christians love Jesus with all their hearts, and seek to show His love to the world. But some in the West have not been ready to see them this way, Nahid says. “Right now, it’s a little bit better. But years ago, it was hard for people in the West to see that Iranians can be Christians too. Most people saw Iranians as terrorists. But right now, they see Iranians can be Christians.”

Pray for the safety of Christians living in Iran. Though the government oppresses them, these faithful believers continue not only worshipping Jesus but proclaiming what He has done in their lives.



Header photo courtesy of Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay.

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