Iran’s struggle for growth prompts need.

By September 24, 2003

Iran (MNN)–Iran is caught in the struggle between revolution and reform. The sign of the clash surfaces through their political lines. On the spiritual front, another conflict emerges, one that is more deep-seated.

Words of Hope broadcasts in Farsi, spoken in Afghanistan and Iran. Lee DeYoung says, “The Iranian people that are hearing the Gospel and are growing in faith are really eager to reach their own people. But, at the same time, they are wise enough to realize that is best done with a low profile, in many cases, and not overtly.”

Due to tight restrictions on any evangelism effort and the cessation of Bible translation, the gospel message can only be delivered by radio. The Christian membership stands at less than 1% of the total population.

Christian radio broadcasts have offered a peaceful alternative to the Islamic regime that has been in place for over twenty years. Iranians are seeking the alternative of peace and hope that only the love of Jesus could provide. The Words of Hope programs have been effective to both individual and small house church groups.

DeYoung reveals that while there are concerns for those living in extreme Muslim areas, the future is bright. “Some of the restrictions and concerns and risks and dangers are notably increasing and yet, at the same time, the hunger and the openness on the part of some people, at least, in these populations is growing. I would say, as a general rule, the underground church is on the rise.”

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