Iran’s young population finds hope in Jesus

By April 22, 2021

Iran (MNN) — Iran has a very young population. Now, these young people have become increasingly discouraged about the political and religious establishments in the country. Read more about their reaction to the country’s political situation here.

Rex Rogers of SAT-7 USA says, “You’re talking about a region where religion is often a tool to power. Those 35 and younger, 65% of an 80 million population, all they’ve ever known is the current system of religion as a tool to power. They don’t remember the Shah, they don’t remember any other freedom. So they’re looking for a religion that works. They’re looking for a faith that works. They’re looking for hope, and the Church provides that.”

But Iranian Christians can often feel isolated, unable to meet together with large groups of other believers. That’s where SAT-7 comes in. They providing Iranian Christians a community and access to Christian content through satellite TV.

Rogers encourages listeners to pray that Jesus would be with this isolated but growing community. “[Imagine] being the only Christian, maybe not having ever met another Christian. Imagine not have a Bible or even if you have a Bible, no one to help you understand it. Never having actually gone to church. I can bypass five churches going to my church every Sunday morning. They don’t have that.”



Header photo courtesy of Fateme Alaie on Unsplash. 

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