Iraq and Lebanon face similar challenges

By November 23, 2022

Iraq (MNN) — Iraq and Lebanon: two countries headed down a chaotic path. Both governments struggle to function and pass legislation. Political parties tied to ethnic and religious groups vie for control. In both countries, Iran-backed militias hold more power than the military.

Samuel, with Redemptive Stories, says, “I believe there are many parallels between Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq because the nation-state borders have been drawn around them by colonial nations around 100 years ago. Those continue to stand.”

Ethnic groups thrown together by these borders often find it difficult to make their own voices heard and cooperate. Samuel says, “It’s an ongoing process that has only been successful if there has been a strong hand, i.e., dictator or authoritarian government.”


Both countries struggle to take steps forward due to government corruption. Outside countries constantly interfere in their political processes. Samuel says, “I think that the instability, as well as the lack of hopefulness that many Iraqi young people have faced, has opened the door. They’re opening their eyes to opportunities for truth, particularly in the South, which has been much more unstable than the North.”

“I think what we’re seeing is a time of harvest, particularly among the Shia community in the South.”

Pray the churches in Iraq and Lebanon will grow and flourish, revealing the love of Jesus.

The church in Iraq particularly faces persecution by larger religious groups. But Samuel says, “They’re boldly proclaiming the Gospel repeatedly to all peoples and all backgrounds or ethnic minorities or majorities in their communities. God is doing some pretty amazing things, particularly in the south.



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