Iraqi child forgives ISIS

By March 4, 2015


(Screen grab courtesy SAT7 KIDS, SAT 7 ARABIC)

(Screen grab courtesy SAT-7 KIDS, SAT-7 ARABIC)

Iraq (SAT-7) — [Editor’s note: We’re sharing this post from SAT-7 in its entirety because it will provide context for the prayer needs posted on our Web site. It will also provide some good news from a troubling region. We’ll also re-post their video so you can like and share this story on Facebook.]

She says that God loves ISIS, that she forgives them and asks God to forgive them. Myriam doesn’t understand why ISIS is persecuting Christians. She says, “I’m just sad they drove us out of our homes. Why did they do that?”

It was the ultimate example of childlike faith and forgiveness. Just a few months ago, Mr. Know–presenter of the popular SAT-7 KIDS show Why Is That?–visited northern Iraq to interview refugee children fleeing the terror of ISIS.

Myriam, one little girl he spoke with, left many precious things behind when she fled Qaraqosh: her home, her school, and her friends. Despite her great loss and traumatic flight, Myriam sang a beautiful song about her joy being made complete in Christ. Sitting in a refugee camp many miles from home, she smiled and sang of her love for her glorious Savior.

When this video was subtitled in English and shared on the SAT-7 ARABIC Facebook page, it reached over 1 million people in the first 42 hours! Over 200,000 watched the entire video.

A few days later, on February 27, Why Is That? presented an episode on the topic of reconciliation. Mr. Know talked more about Myriam’s video and how it encouraged people to come together and pray. Then, Myriam called the live show to speak with Mr. Know. He thanked Myriam for sharing her heart in the video, and she sang another song for the audience. Her joy and innocence, despite being terrorized for her faith, were an encouraging testimony.

Mr. Know told viewers that they should repair their broken relationships with people, even if the other person is in the wrong. A guiding verse for the episode was Matthew 5:23-24, “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift.”

Mr. Know recommended children should not wait for the person who started the rift to apologize but that “we should love people as Jesus loves them.” He told them they are the salt and light of the world and that “if we don’t know how to forgive, we can look to the cross of Jesus Christ.”

Although ISIS terror continues to dominate international headlines, Myriam’s faith is a sign of hope for the future. The message was clear as Mr. Know said, “We should be like children.” Pray that God’s Spirit will intercede in the lives of the next generation in the Middle East and North Africa.



  • Lyn Gruen says:

    Jesus made it so simple. . . .JUST BELIEVE . . . HE is LOVE and we need to be also. Much can be learned fromm the children . . . thank you Myriam . . . you are REFRESHING, ENCOURAGING and a BEAUTIFUL CHILD OF GOD!! Thank you.

  • Todd Moser says:

    I am a children’s pastor. I am in tears. This is the gospel in its purest form: love over hate; forgiveness over bitterness. It’s faith: trusting that God has your back and is faithful. She recognizes His providence instead of criticizing her circumstances. It’s beyond words.

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