Iraqi radio listener becomes a pastor

By November 13, 2007

Iraq (MNN) — An Iraqi radio listener now becomes a pastor and impacts his own people in another country.

Barzan had listened to the programs from Feba Radio for some 17 years. 

He had been living under Saddam's regime in Iraq and had many questions about Christianity.
In 1997 he and his family left Iraq and entered another country with only $100. They suffered and worked to survive, but their lives were changed when they were helped by some Christians.

In 1998 Barzan began attending a church where he and his wife became Christians. They were baptized, began to share the Gospel, and served exiled Iraqis in their new country.
Barzan's faith and knowledge grew as he studied theology and also dealt with the death of his youngest child. 

The Feba radio team (an independent sister company to Far East Broadcasting) continued to keep in touch with Barzan and encourage him.

Earlier this year, he contacted Feba and said, "No need to worry about me. I studied theology and am now a pastor to my own people. Thanks for your prayers. I now know this is where the Lord wants me to serve Him."

Feba is a network of eleven interdependent national organizations based in Australia, Canada, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Mozambique, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, the UK and Zimbabwe. Their work is coordinated from regional centers in Cyprus, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, South Africa, the UK and Zimbabwe.


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