Iraqis turn to Christ after hearing the Gospel on radio

By January 18, 2024

Iraq (MNN) — Yesterday’s report explored why Muslims in Iraq associate Christians with the West and how this association increases persecution.

Today, Samuel* with Redemptive Stories shares the silver lining: “God is still working even in the midst of all the chaos; the Lord is doing something amazing!”

Iraq’s government complained to the UN Security Council about this week’s missile attacks in Kurdistan, calling the strikes “Iranian aggression.” Meanwhile, Iraqi citizens voice concerns about the economic impact of further U.S. withdrawal.

“Even [amid] upheaval and ongoing issues, we have partners on the ground in Iraq that are continuing to respond,” Samuel says.

One partner operates a Christian radio station in Iraq and recently shared updates from their listeners with Samuel. In one case, a family tuned in and “heard the Gospel for the first time, decided to follow Jesus Christ, and were so excited to receive their first Bible to read and understand more about who Jesus is,” Samuel says.

“Another person had a vision that told them to turn on the radio and listen at this very specific time. They did and heard the Gospel presentation,” he continues.

“[They] called in, told the person on the phone about the vision, and became a believer right then and there.”

You can support projects like this radio station through groups like The Voice of the Martyrs USA.

Most importantly, pray. “We need to pray that our brothers and sisters would be protected, that they would continue to be bold, and that God would be glorified through all of it,” Samuel says.





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