Is Egypt on the brink of civil war?

By June 20, 2012

Egypt (MNN) — The world expects to see some kind of violence despite the official outcome of Egypt's election. The country's presidential election results are expected tomorrow, but the country appears to be equally divided between the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohammed Morsi, and the secular candidate, Ahmed Shafiq.

According to reports, protests were called across Egypt on Tuesday against the ruling military council's bid to grab new powers. Meanwhile, the United States and Britain wants a swift transfer of leadership once the announcement is made.

Tom Doyle with e3 Partners says Egypt is a tinder box. "If the situation isn't figured out soon, I mean there could be a very strong civil war that could last a very long time in Egypt. We already know that there was a whole bunch of corruption in the midst of this election, so politically it's an absolute mess."

Doyle agrees that it doesn't matter who wins the election. "Shafiq, if he's declared the winner, no question I think there's going to be riots. If the Brotherhood wins, Christians, born again believers, nominal Muslims — all of them live in fear. And I think there will be a lot of activity, too — a lot of protests, probably rioting — just like we saw during the revolution."

What's Doyle's prognosis? "I think it's just beginning in Egypt to really unravel with more protests and riots and killings."

While many would believe the evangelical church is stymied, Doyle says the uncertainty has "actually accelerated things. When we were in Egypt, we were hearing stories of more Muslims coming to faith in Christ this year than in any of the Christian leaders could remember in several years past."

e3 Partners supports the church in the Middle East, including Egypt. Your support is vital to providing them the resources they need to help with evangelism and discipleship. Doyle says they also need your prayers. "Pray for boldness for opportunities. And pray that God would stem the tide — that He would just push it back so there wouldn't be this regional war because it would be very ugly if it breaks out."

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