Is the “God factor” necessary for addiction recovery?

By January 5, 2024

USA (MNN) — Pop psychology has a lot to say about mental wellness and self-care. When it comes to something like addiction recovery, is the “God factor” really that important?

Brandon Bower with The Lighthouse says a biblical approach to addiction is crucial because, without it, there’s no way to address the deeper spiritual roots of idolatry.

“We’ve put fancy names on idolatry like addiction, but things like addiction just provide a temporal satisfaction. If we’re worshiping the creation — or something temporal — rather than the Creator, our lives are going to be in chaos.”

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The Lighthouse’s approach to addiction recovery comes from Matthew 25. Bower says, “God tells us to do five things in that passage. He said take in the stranger, clothe the naked, feed the hungry, visit those in prison, and care for those who are sick. When we deal with something like addiction, it can affect all five of those points.”

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Bower says, “If you know someone who’s struggling with a life-altering addiction, we’d love to talk with them. We may have room in our program for them.”

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“But in a deeper response, I want every believer that’s listening to turn to Scripture to help guide them,” encourages Bower. “Because if Scripture isn’t guiding us, something else is — and that’s pretty scary.

“My challenge to every listener is: Let’s turn back to Scripture to be our guide and our focus as we’re helping people who are hurting.”






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