Isaac hit New Orleans, Christians in assessment mode

By August 30, 2012

USA (MNN) — Hurricane Isaac stalled over the Gulf Coast yesterday, battering the area of heavy rain and wind. Storm surge has affected areas of the Gulf Coach, but complete assessment has yet to be completed as the storm continues to churn inland, seven years to the date after Hurricane Katrina pounded the area.

Many Christians organizations have continued to work in the region. Director of EFCA TouchGlobal Mark Lewis says they're one of them. He says their ministry center was hit. Right now TouchGlobal is in damage assessment mode. "First priority is to get an assessment of our staff to make sure homes are intact, or [to see] if there are needs. The second aspect will be looking at the ministry center–getting our logistical operations reestablished. And then, we'll be connecting with our local partners."

TouchGlobal had to basically pack up their center to get ready for the storm. Computers need to be unpacked and restarted and much more. The goal now is to wait out the storm and the flooding.

Lewis says while most of the discussion is about physical needs, that's not all they're thinking about. "The spiritual is just integrated into the physical."

Once the storm is passed, their staff will spring into action. "They'll follow up with all of our homeowners that we've been working with over the last years. We've partnered with a number of church planters around the city. They also are gearing up for that spiritual and emotional part of this event that will follow."

Lewis believes the spiritual will have to be addressed. "One of the untold stories that will come out of Hurricane Isaac will [likely] be the lingering effect, emotionally, on people. Again, that just provides a great opportunity to speak of eternity, of hope, and of Jesus."

The financial toll isn't known yet, but EFCA will need your support to help with the immediate needs with some equipment. "At our Web site:, our New Orleans operations are funded out of that."

To help TouchGlobal's efforts in the Hurricane zone, click here.

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