Isaiah 9:6 helps Lebanese Christians move from despair to hope

By December 21, 2023

Lebanon (MNN) — Believers in Lebanon are accustomed to and prepared for tribulation and trials.

The last five years brought waves of despair to Lebanon – financial and economic disaster, government collapse, pandemic fallout, and the Beirut port explosion – on top of an existing refugee crisis driven by the civil war in neighboring Syria.

As Christ-followers, “We are called to be prepared for conflict and wars because we live in a broken and fallen world,” Camille Melki with Heart for Lebanon says.

“Unfortunately, those wars and conflicts in the Middle East are reoccurring, and at a higher percentage maybe than [in] the other parts of the world.”

Then, Hezbollah started a war with Israel on Lebanon’s southern border in October. That battle continues today.

“In times of war, we look for peace in earthly matters. We look for peace through political leaders, governments, and a good economy,” Melki says.

“We [tend to] look for peace in things that don’t have everlasting life, whereas Jesus promised us His peace.”

The promises in Isaiah 9:6 help Lebanese Christians move from despair to hope.

(Photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon)

“This is the peace and the assurance that we would live eternally with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,” Melki says.

As agents of hope and peace, “instead of digging trenches and hiding or running away from conflict, let’s run towards the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a broken community.”

Pray that Lebanese people will see the light of Christ through believers.

“I want to [remind everyone] as we celebrate Christmas that Emmanuel, God with us, the Prince of Peace lives in us and sends us as messengers of His peace,” Melki says.

“Pray that we learn how to counter hatred with the love of Jesus Christ, violence with a message of his peace, despair with the hope in Christ alone.”



Header and story images courtesy of Heart for Lebanon.

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