ISIS attacks become reality for the West

By November 19, 2015
(Image courtesy Open Doors)

(Image courtesy of Open Doors)

USA (MNN) — For those living in the U.S., the ISIS attacks in Paris last week were a little too close for comfort. But, they were also a good wake up call.

“What we have to come to realize is ISIS has a stated purpose,” says David Curry, President and CEO of Open Doors USA. “They’ve told us what they’re all about. We’ve got to believe them; they are carrying out their plan.

“One of their plans, which is central, is to make extremist Islam the religion of this world.”

For many in the West, the Paris attacks turned the thought of a future ISIS invasion into a reality. The catastrophe is just a part of the bigger picture.

Many ISIS attacks have happened without most people taking notice, including one in Lebanon the day before the tragedy in Paris. These attacks, Curry believes, aren’t stopping any time soon.

And, he adds, if the U.S government doesn’t take a stronger stand, ISIS attacks will end up in the States.

“ISIS is a very serious force because they’re a network,” Curry explains. “It’s hard to pin them down. They have some broad goals but very defined goals, and they’re purposefully carrying them about.

“We cannot see it just as a regional conflict in Syria or some sort of internal struggle within Iraq. It’s larger than that. It’s a battle of civilizations, even if the Obama Administration does not want to identify it that way.”

The President’s failure to outline the problem is costing people their lives. In their fight to establish a caliphate, the Islamic State is targeting believers and the U.S. isn’t doing much to help them.

(Image courtesy of Open Doors)

(Image courtesy of Open Doors)

“I think it’s in their best interest, the way they see it, to be politically correct,” Curry says. “You have another example of that [last] week, when the suggestion [came] out that the State Department is not going to identify the killing of Christians by the Islamic State as a genocide.

“They are in every way, consistently suggesting and downplaying that Christians are not being affected.”

These are desperate times, but also ones where Christians can make a difference. Curry says It’s important for Christians to make their voices heard, especially for their persecuted brothers and sisters.

“I think we need to always be advocating,” Curry says. “We all have representatives. We need to call and let them know that we are aware and we want this to be a central issue. We’ve asked folks to sign a petition insisting that the State Department make this central to their policies in the Middle East.”

Click here to sign the petition. Also, remember to pray.

“[Pray] for opportunities where God can be honored through this, where Christians can find stability who haven’t had stability in a while, and where people can just lift up the name of Jesus.”

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    Prayers of praise and thanks to God that He is present to every one of His children, that He is TRUSTING them to TRUST Him to be working for them everywhere, getting them through every circumstance. Our prayers continue in praise and thanks and supplication. God is mighty to save!

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