ISIS-K ramps up violence in Afghanistan, Pakistan

By November 17, 2021

Afghanistan (MNN) — Another mosque bombing in Afghanistan injured at least 15 people on Friday. Nehemiah with FMI says the Islamic State Khorasan, or ISIS-K, has claimed responsibility. But unlike the previous attacks which targeted Shia Muslims, this bomb went off at a Sunni mosque.

Nehemiah says ISIS-K wants the attacks to look like sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia Muslims. In reality, ISIS-K is targeting everyone, not just those traditionally seen as enemies.

ISIS-K violence

And the violence is spreading. Nehemiah says, “The following day, there was a bomb attack in a minivan in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. A Shia reporter who was a journalist died there. The next day, there was another bombing in a Shia mosque, in another province of Afghanistan. And then in Pakistan, ISIS attacked and killed two army personnel.”

Pakistan and the Taliban government in Afghanistan have now formed an alliance against ISIS-K, alarmed by their growing violence. Nehemiah says previously, Pakistan had denied ISIS-K’s presence in the country. “They are going to start a war and a military operation against ISIS. That could be very difficult.”

In reality, ISIS-K is not a new threat, Nehemiah says. “They are mostly Taliban [fighters] who have joined ISIS. This area, this atmosphere, this culture, this language, and this food are not new to them. They have been here for many years. And they have a very good network.”

Afghan Christians

Nehemiah says Afghan Christians live like ping pong balls, threatened by both the Taliban government and ISIS-K insurgents. Many can’t leave their homes at all. Ask God to protect them and provide them with food.

FMI partners are helping many of these Christians, trying to get food for them. Pray for their safety as they work in an increasingly hostile and violent setting.



The header photo shows ISIS fighters captured by the Taliban in 2018. (Mirwais Bezhan (VOA), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons) 

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