Islamic extremism spreads through Uganda

By March 21, 2022

Uganda (MNN) — How can Ugandan Christians prepare for what’s coming? Year after year, radical Islamic groups make more headway southwards into Africa.

Todd Nettleton with The Voice of the Martyrs USA says, “It really is a concerted effort to spread the teachings of radical Islam further and further into Africa. And it certainly is affecting Christians in Uganda.”

VOM wants to help Ugandan churches prepare for increased persecution and hardship. “When persecution comes, the Bible gives us some instructions about how to respond. We need to pray for those who are persecuting us, love our enemies, and forgive them.”

“That’s a part of the work that Voice of the Martyrs is doing right now in Africa: Preparing the Church to stand strong when and if persecution does come.”

Nettleton says Saudi Arabia has funded much of the Islamic extremism in Africa. The attacks won’t be ending any time soon.

How to pray

Jesus is present with all Christians through the Holy Spirit. Ask God to strengthen Ugandan Christians as they prepare for increased persecution. Feel their pain as they suffer. Nettleton says, “If we think, ‘It’s 10,000 miles from here, I shouldn’t pay attention to that,’ we’re failing them as the Body of Christ.”

Plus, you can support VOM as they prepare the churches. Nettleton says, “That is training materials, that is pastors conferences to prepare pastors to lead their congregations through persecution and challenges. It is also directly helping people who had their own families kick them out or attacked them.”

Nettleton says the goal isn’t just for Ugandan Christians to recover from trauma and keep going. “But also to forgive and to work towards reaching those who attack them with the Gospel.”Ask God to strengthen Ugandan Christians.



Header photo courtesy of David_Peterson on Pixbay.