Islamic extremists kill 36 Christians in less than 30 days

By September 10, 2021

Nigeria (MNN) — Persecution takes a toll in northern Nigeria. Pastors in Plateau state tell Morningstar News they’re burying church members on a near-daily basis.

Twelve children were burned beyond recognition in the latest attack on a Christian village. Last month, Fulani herdsmen killed 36 believers between August 4 and August 28.

“I’ve talked to leaders and they say, ‘We used to go out for a meeting and if we had to travel across the country, we would be fearing for our safety,’” Greg Musselman of Voice of the Martyrs Canada says.

“Now they’re saying, ‘We’re fearful even in our own homes.’”

Attacks like this often leave believers without food or shelter. Help persecuted Nigerian Christians through VOM Canada.

“The Bible teaches a lot about [caring for] the widows and the orphans, so we need to be doing that,” Musselman says.

“There are some very practical needs in terms of food and clothing, and [we help] believers set up businesses so they can be self-supporting. The Family of Martyrs fund helps women who have lost their husbands and are trying to support their children.”

Sorrows relentless in Nigeria

Believers have suffered tremendously in the past 15 years. See our full Nigeria coverage here. Islamic militant groups Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen are working together to purge Nigeria of Christians.

“The Bible’s pretty clear; the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church,” Musselman says.

“But it is a war, and many of our brothers and sisters are paying a huge price for following Jesus.”

According to persecution watchdog Open Doors, “more Christians are murdered for their faith in Nigeria than in any other country.” Hear first-hand accounts from Nigerian Christians here.

Nonetheless, hope remains. “It’s a difficult situation each and every day. They’re living under constant fear and threat. But it doesn’t stop believers from sharing the message of Jesus with their Muslim neighbors,” Musselman says.

Nearly all Christians in northeastern Nigeria have lost family members in attacks by Boko Haram or Fulani Islamic militants.
(Photo courtesy VOM USA)

Ask the Lord to give Nigerian believers courage and strength to endure persecution. Use the prompts listed alongside this article to guide further intercession.

“They (Christians) feel so vulnerable, but in many cases, [believers say], ‘We’ve got nowhere else to go, our family is here,” Musselman says.

“Their only hope is God, and [that He will] protect them. That’s how we need to be praying for them – that they don’t get overcome by fear, and they would be able to live peaceful lives.”



Header image courtesy of VOM Canada.