Islamic militants murder 4; widow claims one killed for faith

By April 17, 2008

Somalia (MNN) — Islamist
militants murdered four teachers at an English-language school in Somalia on

64-year-old Daud Hassan Ali and
three foreign teachers–a Briton and two Kenyans–were killed by Islamist
insurgents during a midnight raid on one of the few English-language schools in
south-central Somalia. Authorities are
investigating the deaths.

Voice of the Martyrs Canada's Adele
Konyndyk says Ali's widow believes he was killed not because of his work but
because he left Islam and Somalia. "He was in Somalia primarily to teach. It's only suspected by the
local people that he was involved in evangelistic work. The fact that he was a Christian and the
fact that he had converted (from Islam) is the main reason why he,
specifically, would be targeted." 

Ali chose to return to his
homeland to teach, knowing the risk. "Islamic insurgents are very open
about the opposition and the level of opposition. Insurgents have actually gone on record
saying, 'The only good Christian is a dead Christian.'" 

In many parts of the country, the
persecution of Christians is so strong many have sought refuge in other
countries. Voice of the Martyrs Canada says a number of
believers have been martyred, and others have been publicly named as targets
for execution.

Konyndyk explains, "In Somalia, believers are always at risk
when serving Christ. So this is why we must continue to pray for those who are
sharing the Gospel in Somalia, that they would have the courage to remain
steadfast despite the ongoing risk."

Pray for encouragement and
strength for the Christians remaining in Somalia as well as for those who have
been forced to leave their homes.

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