Islamic State claims twin explosions in Iran

By January 5, 2024

Iran (MNN) — Iran vows revenge after the biggest attack on its soil since 1979. Yesterday, the Islamic State claimed the twin explosions that killed at least 95 people on Wednesday and left over 200 wounded.

At first, “the Iranian government [was] blaming America, CIA, Mossad, and Israel, but people within the country say it’s the regime who did this,” says Heart4Iran’s Nazanin Baghestani.

“A few days earlier [before the explosions,] Ayatollah Khamenei said that he is speaking from God, and he says the blood of the martyrs is feeding the regime to stay put (in power).”

The explosions impacted anniversary gatherings at the tomb of military commander Qasem Soleimani, who was assassinated by the U.S. on January 3, 2020.


Iranian General Qaseem Soleimani
(Wikimedia Commons)

Initially, a senior adviser to Iran’s President blamed Israel and the U.S. for the double blast, while the U.S. suspected the Islamic State. Iran’s explosions came a day after an Israeli strike killed a senior Hamas leader in Lebanon.

Iranians say the two events are connected. “This is all about revenge; you know, taking revenge,” Baghestani says.

“The regime always uses innocent people; it’s nothing new. They always use innocent, local people to blame things on an outsider.”

The January 3 explosions threaten to escalate tensions in the Middle East, a region already on edge due to the Israel-Hamas war.

Calls to Heart4Iran’s 24-7 ministry line reflect nationwide anxiety. “They cannot afford to buy basic [items] because of inflation [or] having no job, all the turmoil that’s going on inside [Iran.] They’re already stressed with financial situations, and on top of that, thinking about the war scares them,” Baghestani says.

“They always want prayer for peace. That’s mostly what our calls are. When they ask for prayer, we say, ‘Do you know the source of peace?’ We always preach the Gospel; we always tell them the Good News,” she continues.

“Praise God, so many believe in Christ because there is no other hope.”

Only Jesus offers hope that can override today’s calamity. Pray that Iranian callers will surrender their hearts to Christ and find peace that surpasses understanding.



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