Islamization growing more in Europe

By March 26, 2007

Europe (MNN) — Islam is slowly but surely taking a grip on
the European culture. German butchers are targeted by Muslim extremists, who
occasionally spit on sausages in the open markets. Taxi drivers refuge to allow
dogs in their cars, even for blind people. And, most recently, a judge in
Germany turned down a request for a speedy divorce claiming the Koran sanctions
physical abuse on wives.

That's why Greater Europe Mission is focusing on the Muslim
community. 'Roy' is a GEM missionary in France. "In the next 15 years
there's an expectation that the Muslim population will double. That's due to
the continued influx of Muslim background immigrants and the fact that they are
having larger families then the typical European families."

The growth is taking place despite European nations making
it more difficult for Muslim immigrants. Roy says if this growth continues
there are will be a major clash in cultures.

While this clash seems imminent, GEM is partnering with a
number of organizations who are reaching out to the Muslim community. Roy says
they're seeing success. "The North African background immigrants are
coming to the Lord and they're starting to develop their own associations,
they're own churches. That's something we've never seen before. We're seeing
them become more vocal. That's encouraging a number of people to come out of
the closet."

The anti-Muslim policies are having other effects.
"There is a fair amount of discrimination in different countries,
difficulties in getting jobs and so on. And, so especially for the young people
there's a resurgence of a militant Islam, which may be fairly ignorant of what
Islam is, but it's their way of saying, 'we reject this culture.'"

These radical elements can be violent. So, Roy is asking
Christians to pray for them. "Pray for open doors — that we would have
those open doors, that we would be bold. That, despite the fact that there
might be threats or veiled threats from militants, that God would give us the
words to speak at the right time and the right place."

The word can be challenging and frustrating, so pray for
Christians working in this field that they would have strength and the stamina
to keep the work moving forward.

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