Isolated believers need to know “you are not alone”

By January 16, 2024

International (MNN) — How can isolated Christian women in the Arabic-speaking world learn that they are not alone in their faith? 

Denise Godwin with International Media Ministries says that their upcoming social media video of Christian testimonies is meant to encourage Arabic-speaking women that there are many believers like them.

A common theme among believers in the Middle East is “aloneness.”

“They believe oftentimes, especially if they’re from a rural community, that they are the only Christian in their dialect or in their community or in their state. There is a huge isolation and fear, because they could lose their lives by telling their families — and people have,” says Godwin.

While the hope from God’s Word and the comfort given by the Holy Spirit are enough, there is something unique that a sense of community brings to a lone Christian.  

“To know that there’s another believer who has had their questions, or who has walked that path is a huge boost to their faith and their willingness to communicate to others — and for the hope in Jesus Christ to spread in their communities,” says Godwin.

Image courtesy of Pexels.

“The stories we’re telling are actual call-in stories from people who’ve responded to social media and said, ‘I feel isolated,’ or ‘I’ve begun to think about Jesus, and I’m not sure when I should make this move.”

Five courageous, Arabic-speaking women came together with IMM to portray these stories on camera, as well as their own testimonies, so that other Christian women will know they are not alone.

“I know a lot of people think there’s so much war and chaos and hardship going on. But God is doing huge works in the Middle East right now. I think that’s part of why Jesus hasn’t come back,” says Godwin. “He is busy reaching new generations of people in places where maybe this is the first generation we’ve had access to, as the media has grown.”

You can learn more about IMM at and be part of God’s work in the Middle East today through your prayers. 

“Pray for creativity,” says Godwin. “These particular stories of isolation and faith are told in pieces. So there’s a lot of creativity needed to piece it together in a way that is tight and communicates quickly on social media.”

Ask God to give the IMM team wisdom in their constant search for actors and actresses to help create gospel-centered media.

Pray also for the Holy Spirit to give wisdom to follow-up workers who respond to peoples’ calls, texts and online chats in response to videos like this one.



Header photo courtesy of Keira Burton on Pexels.

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