Isolated Christians in Iran seek community through SAT-7

By December 1, 2023

Iran (MNN) — A new report from International Christian Concern last month says Iran still has one of the fastest-growing church movements in the world, despite intense persecution. Out of Iran’s 87 million people, only up to 800,000 are Christian.

Joe Willey with SAT-7 says Iranian believers have to be very careful trying to find connections with other Christians.

“These are believers who do not have access to a church like perhaps we do here in the West where they can say, ‘I’m going to attend this church.’ They’re meeting underground. They’re not able to freely share their faith without the threat of persecution.”

Some contact SAT-7 PARS Audience Relations Specialists at great personal risk to ask for prayer and share their stories. (Image courtesy SAT-7)

SAT-7 PARS is SAT-7’s Persian-language satellite channel broadcasting biblical programs to Persian-language-speaking countries.

Through their ministry, SAT-7 is a contact point for Iranian believers seeking Christian community.

“It’s difficult to do in person, of course, and we do not have any personnel in the nation of Iran. But what we also do through social media [and] through our viewer support team is provide an opportunity for those who have questions to connect with other believers as well as the programs that are there to let them know that they are not alone, that there are people who are praying for them.”

You can support isolated Christians in Iran with SAT-7! Learn more at SAT-7’s website.

Then, pray. Willey says, “That is a great need and a great way to pray — that those who are alone can have a community of believers and encourage one another in Christ.”





Header photo courtesy of Zahra Amiri/Unsplash.

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