Israel enters new phase of Gaza invasion

By December 6, 2023

Middle East (MNN) — Israel announces a new phase of its Gaza invasion as ground troops push further south. Yesterday’s fighting in Khan Yunis was the “most intense” combat since the war began eight weeks ago.

Israel’s military dropped leaflets ahead of the surge, warning residents to head farther south toward the border with Egypt. However, millions of Palestinians – including Palestinian Christians – remain trapped as neither Egypt nor Israel will accept refugees.

“We [lost] contact with our friends in Gaza,” Fadi Sharaiha with the MENA Leadership Center says.

“[It is] extremely difficult to know what is happening right now because [there is] no internet, no phone calls.”

MLC expands the capacity of Christian leaders throughout the Middle East and North Africa. More about that here.

“One example [of that work] is a Christian ministry in Gaza, where the person in charge participated in some of our courses,” Sharaiha says.

MLC is preparing believers in the greater Middle East for long-term response.

“We are going to do trauma healing courses for people in affected areas [and] refugee ministry because we have hundreds of thousands of people displaced within Gaza,” Sharaiha says.

Find ways to help here. Pray believers will see and seize opportunities to share the love of Christ. Pray that people in need will understand His truth.

“We need to be not only peacemakers but also encouraging people, whether in Israel or West Bank or Gaza, that God loves them and there is a good plan for their lives,” Sharaiha says.

“This plan involves having Jesus in their heart.”



Header image depicts IDF Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer and Israeli combat engineers operating in Gaza, Swords of Iron, on November 2, 2023. (Wikimedia Commons)

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