Israel/Hamas attacks give power to the Gospel

By December 31, 2008

Israel (MNN) — More than 300 have died in Israel air attacks in Gaza. The attacks came after Hamas broke a ceasefire, launching numerous rockets at Israelis. Tom Doyle with E3 Partners says many Christians had left the area to celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem. But, Doyle says, bombs hit near a church.

"Across from the Gaza Baptist Church is where the police station is. Israel launched a missile into the police station, and about 40 were killed there. The windows were blown out of the church. I know most of the believers are staying tight in their homes praying."

E3 Partners is helping equip church leaders in evangelism by providing training and resources. "Usually when this happens," says Doyle, "ministry pulls back. But that's when believers can make a difference. And when believers can make a difference and reach out physically, that's another opportunity to reach out for Christ in this epicenter — this war-torn region."

According to Doyle, this a perfect time for ministry. "We find that Muslims are very open to the Gospel right now. Maybe 60% of the Muslims in the Middle East are not practicing. Muslim are disenchanted. They're tired of war, and they're frustrated. And Christians have the message of the Gospel."

Doyle is asking you to pray that the church will stay strong in the midst of this conflict and that the church would unite. "In Israel, we see that the only answer to the problem is for Jews and Arab believers to come together and reach out."

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