Israeli visit to Temple Mount stirs controversy

By January 16, 2023

Israel (MNN) — An ultranationalist Israeli minister visited the Temple Mount earlier in January, drawing international criticism.

It was the first visit by a high-ranking Israeli official in years due to a tenuous political situation. The site is revered by both Jews and Muslims.

Denise Godwin with International Media Ministries says, “What I find fascinating is the wrestling over where you can pray and who holds a piece of the religious market. It’s just fascinating that in history, these things repeat themselves, whether that’s in Jerusalem or other parts of the world.”


Critics of Israel’s new government call it far-right or even theocratic. Protests have broken out across the country. Israelis have taken to the streets, holding signs saying “Democracy in danger” and “Together against fascism and apartheid.”

Israel’s new justice minister introduced a reform to allow parliament to override the supreme court.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regained power in December with the aid of far-right and ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties.


IMM recreates biblical stories through film, including many that took place in Jerusalem and surrounding areas. Godwin says, “We have always been very intentional, very careful to focus on basic biblical truths in our stories and actual history that’s provable. We don’t ever talk about politics. We don’t ever talk about other religions.”

“When we create a program in partnership with North Africa, for example, we never mention Islam or anything to do with that.”

Ask God to bring peace and justice to Jerusalem and the surrounding land. Pray the love of Jesus would foster healing.



Header photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.