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Published on 17 December, 2010

It’s not too late to send a ‘Bundle of Love’

International (MNN) — At Mission Network News, we've highlighted several opportunities to give to impoverished children, families, pastors and more this Christmas. If you have intended to take part in one of these projects but haven't had the chance during the holiday bustle, AMG International has one more opportunity.

This year AMG will send "Bundles of Love" to people all over the globe. Children will receive school uniforms, backpacks, toys, shoes or blankets depending on the country in which they live. The Gospel message is shared with each delivery, and anyone without a copy of the Scriptures is given one.

This program is unique in a few ways. For one thing, the inclusion of school uniforms is crucial for many children AMG serves. In many impoverished areas, school uniforms are required in order for a child to even attend school. By giving a child a "Bundle," you could be giving them the treasured gift of education.

Perhaps the most distinguishing factor of this program, though, is who these packages are sent to. Of course, children receive the gifts, often experiencing the joy of getting something new for the first time. Adults are also able to share in this exchange. Staff workers, national pastors and people in leper colonies also benefit from the "Bundles." The love of Christ is spread to multiple demographics through this program.

Over the years, "Bundles of Love" has provided abundant joy and Christ-like love for people around the globe. Click here to watch a short video on the program's impact.

Each "Bundle" is only $20. Since items provided are bought in recipients' home countries rather than shipped in, the entire cost goes straight to the contents of the box. If you've been thinking about doing something special for a child, faithful Christian worker, or disabled person in need, consider sending a "Bundle of Love." Click here to join in.

Please pray for the various recipients as these boxes are handed out. Pray that believers would be encouraged, and that those who do not know the Lord would be touched by His love. Pray that this project would be a stepping stone for many to understand the true and everlasting Gift waiting to be received.

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