It’s time for Christmas–a Russian Christmas

By January 8, 2016

Ukraine (MNN) — In Eastern Ukraine, Christmas is just getting started.

(Photo credit: Kevin Dooley via Flickr)

(Photo credit: Kevin Dooley via Flickr)

Many Protestant churches celebrate Christmas on December 25. By doing so, the churches free up their congregations during Russian Christmas for outreach.

“During Christmas, we see outreach in these broken villages, in orphanages, from home to home. Within churches where people would never come…these churches that are supported [by SGA] continue to reach people,” says Eric Mock, Vice President of Ministry Operations for Slavic Gospel Association.

Through their Immanuel’s Child ministry, SGA helps these churches share the holiday spirit.

Mock explains, “You can walk up to houses that would’ve been closed for access any other time of the year. But, during this week of Christmas, they will invite you in, literally hand you a fork. They’ll have meals out on the table and ask you to have fellowship with them. They ask you to pray a prayer of blessing upon their home and even share a little message about the true meaning of Christmas.”

It’s quite literally a time of open doors for churches to walk through. Plus, because of SGA’s support, many churches are able to give gifts, along with the Gospel, to those who would normally have nothing. It doesn’t end there.

“One of the beautiful things, through programs such as Immanuel’s Child, is that we’re able to equip these churches, not only with resources during the Christmas season but also with discipleship material that lasts throughout the year,” says Mock.

Pray Immanuel's Child gifts are seen as a tangible expression of God's love. (Image courtesy SGA)

Pray that Immanuel’s Child gifts are seen as a tangible expression of God’s love.
(Image courtesy SGA)

The Russian Christmas outreach is a springboard for most church ministries. For example, “Those same kids that they attempted to reach during Christmas, they go out and invite them again to the Easter celebration. And then, through the summer camps that SGA supports, they try to reach out to these kids again,” explains Mock.

Overall, the Christmas season is one filled with much cheer and love.

“It’s a very exciting time, but it’s nothing we [SGA] created. It’s a burden on the hearts of the people there,” says Mock.

Through SGA and by God’s grace, churches in the United States have the honor of supporting their faithful brothers and sisters in Eastern Ukraine.

SGA accepts funds throughout the year for Immanuel’s Child.

Another way to help the churches of eastern Ukraine is through SGA’s Orphans Reborn ministry. Over 80% of orphans in this area are never adopted. SGA works with churches to reach out to these kids. Part of their Christmas ministry is to bring gifts for these kids.

Furthermore, Orphans Reborn helps churches minister to these kids throughout the year. Please pray for these faithful Christians to continue to share the Gospel and to see God’s grace at work.

To donate to Immanuel’s Child or Orphans Reborn, click here!

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