IVP and Missio Alliance team up for new book line

By January 3, 2017

USA (MNN) – If you haven’t made a New Year’s resolution to read a book or two more this year, you just might want to.

Partnering Together

(Photo Courtesy Pongo 2007 via Flicker)

(Photo Courtesy Pongo 2007 via Flicker)

Recently InterVarsity Press, InterVarsity Christian Fellowships‘ publishing arm, and Missio Alliance have joined together to create a co-branded line of books focusing on ministry issues.

Yet, what is Missio Alliance? JR Rozko, Missio Alliance’s co-director, shares,

“Missio Alliance grew out of a church planting network called Ecclesia. There were those of us who were pastors in Ecclesia, who felt like there was a need for a space or an initiative, that would provide an opportunity for Church and ministry leaders to have theological conversations about issues that we were facing on the ground.”

The group of pastors looked for such a space and found areas that were academic in nature or more pragmatic initiatives going on. However, none of them fit the pastors’ needs or vision. So, the group of dedicated pastors created their own platform.

“The way that we would describe ourselves now is that we’re a convictional fellowship of Christian institutions, organizations, and leaders who are committed to exploring and engaging what faithfulness looks like in God’s mission after Christendom,” Rozko explains.

Now the organization kind of functions like a crossroad for numerous Christian organizations and networks to “intersect with one another, who resonate with this sort of vision.”

And the intersection is growing a bit through words and co-branded line of books between Missio Alliance and InterVaristy Press. So how does their unique relationship work?

Books, Books, Books

“On Missio’s end, there will be occasionally authors and books that we would recommend for InterVarsity Press to consider,” Rozko shares. “And simultaneously InterVarsity press would be looking at the books and authors that are coming to them and suggesting to us whether or not that publication may be a good fit for the line of books that Missio and IVP are partnering on.”

Furthermore, Missio Alliance has found itself already connecting with a lot of InterVarsity Press authors. What’s drawing them together? A common theme.

For example, the books will range in topic, but all have the common denominator of looking at current ministry issues through a theological lens. However, each book also ties in with one of the three key areas Missio Alliance and IVP have identified.

  1. Comprehensive Mutuality: Advancing a partnered voice in the leadership of women and men in the diverse Christian Community.
  2. Hopeful Witness: Advancing the way of being the people of God in the world. Having a joyful hope in Christ and overall faith.
  3. Church in Mission: Advancing the vision of the local church where our identity is found/expressed through active participation in God’s mission in the world.
(Photo Courtesy InterVarsity Christian Fellowship via Facebook)

(Photo Courtesy InterVarsity Christian Fellowship via Facebook)

If you’re still wondering whether or not to pick up a copy of one of these books, Rozko says;

“[These books] would be of great interest to anybody in your audience who really wants to think critically about the nature of mission in the changing landscape of North American Christianity today.”

Needless to say, this landscape is very different than it was 10 years ago. Now, many Christians are evangelizing in a country that’s already heard the Gospel and have received Evangelism. There are challenges now that previous Church leaders may not find familiar. And that’s where this co-branded line of books come into play.

Published and Available

So if you’re wondering, yes, some books are already published and available from the book line. Books which have already been published include:

These books can be found for purchase at InterVarsity Press and Amazon. Missio Alliance will not be selling these books, but promoting them while directing those interested to purchase the books from InterVarsity Press.

Will You Pray?

So if you would, please pray for the men and women with thoughts to share and words to put in ink. Pray for the opportunity for them to both write and publish a book. Pray that barriers that have block words of wisdom in the past, such as gender or race, will not be an issue in getting our thoughts for the Christian world to read, ponder, and learn from.

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