Jamaica: Police searching for clues in missionary murders

By May 5, 2016

Jamaica (MNN) – Police in Jamaica have three suspects in custody for the murders of two American Missionaries.

(Photo courtesy TEAMS 4 Medical Missions)

(Photo courtesy TEAMS 4 Medical Missions/Harold Nichols, 53, (L) and Randy Hentzel, 48, (R))

The story broke May 1, after police released information about the deaths of the two men.  Autopsy reports revealed 53-year old Harold Nichols and 48-year old Randy Hentzel were both shot on Albion Mountain, St Mary, in northern Jamaica.

The Miami Herald noted the men were on their way to check on the foundation of a home they were building for a needy family.  The pair were working with TEAMS for Medical Missions, and had been doing missionary work in Jamaica since 2002.

Together, they were helping the impoverished, building houses, and providing medical care as well as leadership development and Bible training in the region.

According to the mission’s website:

“We do not know who would do this or what their motivation was. These men greatly loved the people of Jamaica and were greatly loved in return. TEAMS for Medical Missions remains committed to serving the people of Jamaica and demonstrating the unconditional love of Christ. Our T4MM family is grieving and we covet your prayers. We serve an amazing God who is able to bring beauty from ashes and it is in Him that we put our trust.”

Hentzel’s memorial service is scheduled for Monday, May 9, 2016 in Des Moines, Iowa.  Funeral arrangements for Nichols are pending in Randolph, New York.

Hentzel is survived by his wife, Sara, and five children.  Nichols is survived by his wife, Teri, a coordinator at the mission’s clinic in Jamaica.  The Spring 2016 newsletter indicated the Nichols were planning to return to the United States for a two-month furlough starting mid-August.

Please pray for the family members of the missionaries. Ask God to strengthen and embolden Christians in this time of uncertainty and give them new opportunities to share the Gospel.


  • Our deepest sympathies and prayers go out to the families of these “solders of the Cross”. May they find the Lord’s comfort a sustaining force in the coming months, in the knowledge that their men were serving the cause of the Kingdom. Not to presume on the murderers’ motivation, but poverty, greed, alcohol and unredeemed hearts are an evil mixture ready to come to a boil at any time. May God protect those who call Him Lord and serve Him faithfully.

  • My parents were from Jamaica and all of us children were born in the USA. I feel a connection with the missionaries in Jamaica especially those from Baptist Mid Missions, working in Montego. I am adding those from your group to my prayer list.

  • Master says:

    Will continue pray for Jamaica

  • Vivienne says:

    I simply repent on the behalf of the killers and the nation of Jamaica. As a Christian/Jamaican it grieves me to the core. I continue to pray for the transformation of this nation and the grieving families. Truly God alone gives beauty for ashes.

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