Japanese families still rummaging through rubble

By May 3, 2011

Japan (MNN) — Nearly two months after the disastrous earthquake and resulting tsunami that tore a piece of Japan to shreds, much of the affected area remains in disarray.

Japanese Operation Mobilization teams have been on the ground helping with cleanup since the disaster struck. The workload is abundant, and OM teams are moving one family at a time.

Last week, a team went to one house with a generator and a water pump. It has been weeks since the neighborhood had any water running through their faucets, and they have yet to have access to safe tap water.

The team did not have a skilled plumber available, so they took the knowledge and training they had and prayed for success. With much effort, the group was able to install the water pump and witness water running through the tap. The water is not clean enough for drinking, but it can now provide that family–and the entire neighborhood–with water for washing, bathing and rebuilding projects.

In the meantime, another part of the OM team was helping a family clear rubble. Possessions of neighbors were found in the family's yard, and some of the family's own belongings were found 400 meters down the road. This family's home ended up in the way of a national route needed for emergency vehicles, so the government bulldozed it to the side of the road. The search for salvageable items continues, but complete clearing will take months.

Pray for this faithful team. Pray that God would use their helping hands in the lives of those who have lost so much by showing them what the Good Shepherd looks like.

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