JESUS Film marks a great 2006, much planned for 2007.

By January 11, 2007

USA (MNN) — It’s the most widely watched, translated and distributed film in the world. And, those figures are only growing. The JESUS Film Project is praising God for the many accomplishments in 2006, while they pray for God’s continued blessing in 2007.

Greg Gregoire is the Chief of Staff at the JESUS Film. He says, “Well, we’ve gone over 970 languages of the JESUS Film during 2006. We were able to record an additional 55 languages. And, that means 55 language groups around the world can now hear the Gospel in their own languages.”

That’s not all, in addition to that they did 11 translations of The Story of Jesus For Children.

It takes a $35,000 investment to record each language.

According to Gregoire, they’re looking for churches and individuals to support film teams. “We are providing the equipment to show the JESUS Film to partners in Africa and India so that they can multiply the impact of what we’re doing. Right now we’ve got 2,300 film teams. But, we’d like those film team become the equippers of lay film teams. In order to do that we need provide more equipment.”

Gregiore says a modest investment from a church or Sunday school class could help a team. “The cost for a complete equipment set — that’s a generator, film projector, the film and the training for the churches and lay people — is $6,000. That includes shipping, customs and everything,” he says.

While 970 languages is a lot of languages, says Gregiore, there’s still work to do. “We still have another 500 languages to go. Most of those do not have Scripture in their language. So, we’re incumbent upon our translator partners to get into those areas and establish relationships and at minimum get Luke translated so we can do the JESUS Film.”

If you’d like to help provide this needed equipment, click here.

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