JESUS Film Project responds to increasing military need

By October 1, 2007

International (MNN) — "We have a unique window, perhaps, into the spiritual needs of the armed forces, and we recognize that they've never been greater," said Bob Dees, Retired Major General and Executive Director of Campus Crusade's Military Ministry.

Suicide and divorce rates are on the rise in the U.S. military as multiple deployments are common. JESUS Film Project is helping send a surge of the JESUS Film to service members, either deployed or not, through their partner ministry Military Ministry. 

This is an initiative aimed at facing the invisible spiritual wounds that the military has faced or will face in the future. They hope to get the film to people before they need it, though, according to Dees. "What we want the troops to do is hide the Word of God, hide the reality of Jesus in their hearts before they go. That's the ounce of prevention that's worth a pound of cure, and then, certainly after they come back, if they're in a challenging situation, just the knowledge of the things they've seen via the video is very assuring and provides courage and hope during dark times."

Dees says they receive positive feedback daily via phone, e-mail, and mail. One story in particular came from the Navy where a few sailors found a copy of the JESUS film that belonged to the chaplain. "They showed it on the ship en route to the Persian gulf, en route to harm's way, and there were sailors on board that heard the
claims of Jesus Christ and several in fact gave their lives to Christ as they were headed to harm's way," said Dees.

In order to make this recent surge happen, generous donors have provided resources. Military Ministry is reaching out to any organization with compassion for the

Dees is excited about the cases of the JESUS Film flooding in as they partner together. "With their resource, and with our distribution channel and knowledge of the military
culture and the military society, we are able to partner together and be better prepared on behalf of troops and families than we would be individually."

Though there has been a surge of troops to Iraq, Dees says," I think more importantly is a spiritual surge–a surge of spiritual resources to our troops in harm's way so that they might have hope and courage that only comes from a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ."  

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