Jesus Film Riders on a mission in Ghana

By December 6, 2021

Ghana (MNN) — Five young men in Ghana spend their days riding motorbikes across the country on an important mission. Each of them carries a projection kit to show the JESUS Film in different villages, some of them completely unreached with the Gospel!

They are called the Jesus Film Riders.

Jesus Film Riders (Image courtesy of OneWay Africa)

Reagan Opoku Agyeman, one of the Jesus Film Riders says, “Jesus Christ has given us the commandment that we should all go into the world (Matthew 20:18-20). So that’s why I do this!”

All of these young men are college graduates. But instead of starting their careers in the marketplace, they are devoted to sharing Christ through the JESUS Film, produced by Jesus Film Project.

It’s not easy. They must ride across rugged terrain — often for hours — to reach remote and isolated villages. Each Jesus Film Rider must be willing to go anywhere, sleep anywhere, and eat anything.

Another Jesus Film Rider, Lord Cyrus Nyamenlewoke says, “I’ve been inspired by St. Francis of Assisi spreading the Gospel to places that were dangerous to his life. And so it inspires me to know that I can also do something for God and my life.”

The initiative is part of OneWay Africa’s Jesus Film Campaign. The ministry recently released a video featuring the Jesus Film Riders.

Jesus Film Rider (Image courtesy of OneWay Africa)

With the support of OneWay, these young men were equipped with new jackets, helmets, gloves, and motorbikes. Their motto: “I ride for the glory of God.”

Before they can show the JESUS Film in a new village, a visiting Jesus Film Rider has to establish relationships in the village. Sometimes they are able to provide water filtration units to meet practical needs and open relational doors.

Once they have built trust and get permission from a “man of peace” in the village, the Jesus Film Rider is finally able to share the JESUS Film.

OneWay Africa Field Director, Mawunyo Kuuku Win-Tamakloe says, “They can’t believe that the Jesus they’ve heard of can speak their language. It’s always heartwarming when they find out that Jesus can speak their language.”

Each film showing ends with a time of prayer and an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Jesus Film Rider with village children. (Image courtesy of OneWay Africa)

Since OneWay’s Jesus Film Campaign began in 2016, over 225,000 unreached villagers have seen the JESUS Film. And 28,226 have committed their lives to Christ!

However, the ministry doesn’t stop there. After showing the JESUS Film, the rider will continue discipleship in the village. This looks like small group discipleship meetings using tools such as the Bible Plus audio players. Eventually, the small group grows and often establishes a new church.

Over several months, the Jesus Film Rider continues to support the village and trains new believers to disciple others. Then he moves on to the next village that needs the Gospel.

Ray Mensah, the executive director of OneWay Africa says, “It takes a whole team of people to put one Jesus Film Rider on the mission field. It takes the work of planners, facilitators, prayer supporters, and financial supporters among other people to get them on the field to reach people with the Gospel, to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to make disciples.

A village in Ghana (Image courtesy of OneWay Africa)

“If you are led by the Spirit to join the team, we welcome you, whether you pray, give, or go. Come join us! Let’s send these gallant young men onto the mission field to win precious souls and the unreached multitudes for Christ.”

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Header photo of Jesus Film Riders, courtesy of OneWay Africa.