Jesus Film says 2005 was great year

By January 4, 2006

USA (MNN) — The story of the life of Christ reached into the hearts and lives of people in miraculous ways in 2005. According to the “JESUS” Film Project they were able to go deeper into several countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.

In one Middle Eastern countries God miraculously opened the doors for the film to be shown in public theaters and community centers and government censors did nothing about it. These same officials also allowed tens of thousands of video discs of “JESUS” to be imported and distributed.

Another milestone included pre-production of the “JESUS” Film for women. This version, to be released in March 2007, will be shown most often on video in private. Three stories of oppressed women will be featured including; “The Woman at the Well,” “The Woman Caught in Adultery,” and “The Woman with the Issue of Blood.”

Since women have great influence in their families, the ministry of “JESUS” Film Project believes this new version could have a huge impact.

The “JESUS” Film has now been translated into nearly 900 languages.

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