Jesus Film Team returns to tsunami affected area

By February 1, 2005

Thailand (MNN) — When the first news reports began filtering in describing the devastation caused by a tsunami in South Asia, a team of local Jesus Film Project workers quickly changed plans to help comfort victims.

The JESUS Film staff workers and some 250 students were in Bangkok, Thailand, for a conference. But after the disaster hit, the group immediately traveled to the hard-hit village of Phuket to help with initial clean-up efforts. They set up tents and provided victims with meals, clean water, blankets, and mosquito nets.

JESUS Film volunteers later traveled into more remote areas, where they encountered people huddled under strips of plastic for shelter. They helped by setting up tents and giving the tsunami victims sleeping bags. The volunteers also formed friendships, talking for hours with villagers who survived the tsunami, but had now lost nearly everything.

After those experiences, JESUS Film teams were anxious to return. On Jan. 22, volunteers and staff got their chance. They are now once again in Thailand, reaching out to help people rebuild, distributing much-needed relief supplies, and, whenever possible, sharing a message of hope with copies of the JESUS Film translated into the local language.

“Our desire is to reflect the compassionate heart of Jesus that will bring lasting hope and joy to those affected by the tsunami,” said Jim Green, executive director of The JESUS Film Project. The organization is dedicated to giving every person in the world an opportunity to see or hear the story of Jesus Christ in a language they can understand and at a place close to where they live.

Green says, “Our staff’s familiarity with the area, language, and local population allowed us to respond immediately. Through the JESUS Film Project’s existing network on the ground, we are able to identify and focus our efforts on areas of greatest need.”

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