“JESUS” film teams respond to earthquake victims

By August 25, 2021

Haiti (JFP) — Ravaged by a 7.2 earthquake on August 14, the people of Haiti need our help to provide relief efforts for victims of the devastation. Haitian film workers and partners are there and ready to respond to the needs on the ground.

The brunt of the devastation is in the southern part of the country, in the Jeremie area. It appears that Jesus Film Project national workers and their families are safe, but please pray for the many others. Meanwhile, the death toll continues to rise.

Chuck, a Jesus Film team leader, reports:

“You’ll remember that this same area is the region that was devastated a few years back from Hurricane Matthew. The bright side of that is, because of our response back then, they [Cru] have partners ready to respond once they have resources to respond with. And that is the problem, they have no cash to purchase the needed resources with.”

The pandemic’s impact is another “bright spot.” Haiti hasn’t suffered “like so many other countries. There have been around 800 deaths total since the beginning,” Chuck says.

Cru’s national director in Haiti, Esperandieu Pierre, can purchase essential items such as water, food, hygiene kits and tents from Dominican Republic businesses and take them to the people where they are most needed, but he needs the funds now.

Will you join with the teams and respond today?

Please pray for Esperandieu, his team, and Jesus Film partners as they reach out to those families and individuals in the affected areas to help meet their enormous physical and emotional needs.

When the earthquake hit the country in 2010, and Hurricane Matthew in 2016, the ministry responded. This generosity opened doors to wonderful opportunities for sharing the Gospel for weeks, even months, later. And the impact of those efforts is still yielding fruit today.

In this extremely poor country where many people’s hearts have been steeped in bondage to voodoo and spiritism, film teams and partners have an opportunity to show the love of Christ and share the hope that only comes from knowing Him.

This is a critical “window of opportunity” to respond to men, women, and children with tremendous physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Your gift will enable the ministry to respond in a tangible form, not only now, but also in the coming weeks and months.



Header image courtesy of Jesus Film Project.

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