‘JESUS’ movie leads witch to Christ

By May 21, 2015
Photo courtesy The "JESUS" Film Project

(Photo courtesy The JESUS Film Project)

Zambia (JFP/MNN) — God’s power reigns in the most pagan of environments. Even in cultures where evil is worshipped, God is still working.

This was made clear to Alex Mbewe. Alex is a team leader for The JESUS Film Project, which strives to spread the message of Jesus around the world by showing a movie about the Savior’s life.

It started when Alex’s group was showing the film in Zambia. A witch became angry when she found out the movie would be played in her village, so she took action. She summoned a demon to flip over the table holding the group’s film equipment. It disrupted the event and terrified the audience.

But Alex and his group stood firm. They prayed Psalm 24:1, saying: “Lord, You own all the creation in heaven and on earth. Everything on earth belongs to You, and we believe this ground also belongs to You. We are very confident that the show tomorrow will be the source of salvation for many in this area.”

And that was exactly what happened. Alex and his group showed the movie the next day. They saw over 600 people give their lives to Christ, including the witch.

(Photo courtesy of The JESUS Film Project)

(Photo courtesy of The JESUS Film Project)

But then something unexpected happened. The witch approached the JESUS film team and explained that she had been having nightmares the past few nights. She saw a strange beast dragging her toward a pool of fire and heard a voice telling her she was going to hell because she had not responded to the message of truth being shared in her village. After talking with members of the film team, she gave her live to Christ.

Now, a church has been planted in the village with at least 83 members and many more regular attenders. The witch actively served in the church before passing away earlier this year.

No person is beyond the reach of God’s grace. No matter how rooted in evil someone may be, their heart is still vulnerable to the Gospel. You can help the message of salvation stand strong in pagan environments. Pray that missionaries would stay hopeful when teaching Jesus to places under Satan’s grip. Pray also that these people would recognize the truth that God is supreme. You can donate to The JESUS Film Project by clicking here.


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