‘Jesus wells’ transform village, village chief

By March 6, 2012

South Asia (MNN) — Clean water is a necessity for any community to flourish in health, agriculture, and other facets. But the spiritually dry lands that clean water can quench are even vaster.

South Asian village leader Poojan Manasi was in search of water for his community. The village had no access to clean drinking water. Believing a solution to this problem would need to come before any other progress was made, Manasi set out to provide water wells.

Manasi was provided with government permission to dig wells in the village and thus was able to install three water pumps. After installing the pumps, however, it was clear that three would not be sufficient. The village still had two areas filled with people unable to access clean water.

As Manasi searched for solutions, he eventually came across Gospel for Asia Compassion Services, a program in which GFA-supported missionaries and volunteers assist survivors of natural disasters by providing food, water, medical care, clothing and even shelter. Manasi discovered that one of the ways Compassion Services provides clean water is with Jesus Wells.

A Jesus Well is a well funded by GFA. Each well bears a plaque with the inscription of Jesus' words in John 4:13-14 about offering eternally satisfying water. Thus, each well is a tangible expression of Jesus' love.

Manasi was not a believer, but he desperately needed two wells for his village. The GFA missionary with whom Manasi met was able to grant Manasi's request, and a team installed two Jesus Wells in the village.

These wells met a need Manasi would never have been able to fulfill otherwise. He recognized the significance of the gesture and wanted to get to know the GFA missionary better. Soon after, Manasi and his whole family came to Christ.

Because of two wells, the Gospel is now going out all across Manasi's village and even in neighboring villages. Even before Manasi decided to follow Christ, he was so gratified by GFA's assistance that he allowed them to conduct any programs they wanted in his village and surrounding villages. As a village leader now, Manasi has the power to lead his village in a godly manner and influence nearby places himself.

Pray that many would come to know Christ through Manasi's witness and the witness of the wells. Click here to learn more about funding other Jesus Wells to have a similar impact.

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