Preliminary results show Biden as 46th President-Elect

By November 10, 2020

USA (MNN) — After a year-long campaign and a tense election week, preliminary results say former vice president Joe Biden is President-elect of the United States. If election results stand, Senator Kamala Harris will be the first female, first black, and first South Asian vice president in U.S. history.

If legal challenges don’t change the result, President Donald Trump would be the first incumbent to lose reelection in the U.S. since George H.W. Bush lost the 1992 election to Bill Clinton.  The tide changed when three states  that Trump won in 2016 flipped: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

President-elect Joe Biden, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.

Many U.S. citizens cast mail-in ballots due to COVID-19 concerns, and the votes took days to count, with the final announcement coming Saturday morning. Some states remain uncalled at the time of writing, including Georgia, North Carolina, and Alaska.

Praying for the country

On election night, Sammy Tippit Ministries participated in a 3-hour online gathering for Christians praying over the political process in the U.S. and for revival in the country.

Sammy Tippit says nearly 20,000 people participated in the event, which was put on by OneCry, a ministry based in Michigan. “We prayed for the election and for the people who were voting, but we did not pray politically, or along political lines. We prayed for God to just give people wisdom, keep them safe, those types of things.”

The group prayed for revival in the US church and on college campuses. Tippit himself led a prayer for God’s kingdom to cover the whole world. “I think all of the things that are taking place right now, the divisions among people, just shows us that we need to have a great move of God’s Spirit.”

 “One of the things that was really neat in the time of prayer was that it was multiracial. It was both men and women leading. So, we had sort of a cross-section of the country leading in prayer.”

Sen. Kamala Harris. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.

Tippit says for a revival to come, God must work in people’s hearts. “I’ve been around a long time and I’ve seen political leaders come and go. I’ve seen times where a certain person became president, and everybody said, ‘Boy, this is it. We’re gonna have revival!’ And it didn’t come. I’ve also seen people say, ‘Oh, no, look at this!’ And it didn’t go where they thought.”

As celebrations and protests break out in several major US cities, Christians should remember that Jesus is King. One day, He will appear to rule over all nations, and His reign will never end.

In the meantime, pray many people in the US would be drawn to the love of Jesus. Pray also for president-elect Biden as he prepares to take office, that God would strengthen his administration to lead wisely.



The header photo shows a celebration of Biden’s victory in Washington D.C. (Sdkb, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)