Jordan may be next for Muslim Brotherhood

By October 1, 2012

Jordan (MNN) — The Muslim Brotherhood has seen incredible growth over the last two years as they've had a hand in government overthrows in Egypt, Syria and Libya. The extremist organization is involved in other nations, as well. Now, Jordan is being threatened.

According to reports, Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood is threatening Jordan's King Abdullah. Reports suggest the king has until October to agree to their demand of transforming that nation into a constitutional monarchy, or face an Arab Spring street pressure.

Middle East expert with e3 Partners Tom Doyle says this is troubling. He says Israel could be surrounded: "Lebanon, which Hezbollah has now. Syria, which is in a civil war, but always ready to go to war against Israel. Then there's Egypt to the south. And, even in southern Israel, Hamas is controlling Gaza. The only missing piece of the puzzle has been Jordan."

Doyle says this is a country at risk, and hard-line Islam is already thriving in Jordan. "One of the tell-tell signs in the Middle East as to how fundamental a Muslim country is: the number of honor killings. Per capita, Jordan is way up on the chart–the leader in that. So that just tells us there are numerous groups taking the Quran literally."

Does Doyle think the possible changes will affect e3's work? "If Jordan goes very fundamental Islamic, it will accelerate the work of the church because more people are going to hate the changes that come to Jordan which has been a relatively free country."

The changes in the Middle East are sobering, especially Iran's saber rattling. Doyle says, "We haven't had  leaders since Adolph Hitler that boasted about wiping out the Jews like [Iran's President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad and the ayatollah are now. So these have extreme prophetic ramifications."

Doyle says as Christians hear the news, we need to make sure we're sharing Christ with Muslims, wherever we are. "Jesus never called us to be Christians: He called us to be disciples –over 250 times. That's what we're looking for."

Doyle continues, "In the midst of this, in the midst of all the bad news you're going to see on CNN and Fox, it is the greatest harvest time for Muslims in 14 centuries." Many of them are coming to Christ through dreams and visions.

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